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Outdoor Projector Screen – How To Pick And What To Know

Nothing beats gathering your friends and loved ones around before a big screen to watch a great movie on a starry night. 

To achieve this beautiful dream, however, you should pick the right outdoor projector screen. 

To view our favorites right away just scroll down this page or jump to our top 5 projector screen picks now.

3 Features to Consider in an Outdoor Projector Screen

Before you look to find a suitable outdoor projector screen, learn about the 3 main features you need to be on the lookout for when searching for one.

Screen Size

The size of your screen matters because you want neither you nor your guests to be straining your eyes the whole time—especially if there are subtitles involved!

So, make sure that you pick the screen’s inches with care and that you factor in how big your outside space is. We recommend the standard sizes that range from 16 to 20 feet.

Ease of Assembly

It can be annoying if you spend the majority of movie nights setting and packing up your screen instead of watching the show.

That’s why it’s advised that you pick a model that’s quick to put together and pack afterward. Ideally, you want no more than two people assembling the projector screen.

Material Quality

Because outdoor projector screens typically spend hours outside, they’re subjected to multiple weather elements—even during the night.

In other words, it’s your job to go for a screen that’s manufactured from long-lasting material with high durability. 

Outdoor Projector Screen FAQs

What Is the Best Projector Screen for Outdoors?

The best outdoor projector screen is one that ultimately combines the necessary features needed for optimal viewing. The main elements, for example, include portability, quick assembly, and durability.

For extra measures, however, choose double-sided projector screens. You can also opt for big screens that come with a detachable stand for versatility options. 

Can Outdoor Movie Screens Get Wet?

Most if not all outdoor projector screens aren’t manufactured to withstand outside weather elements. While they can easily get wet, you should dry your screen off immediately.

To avoid damaging your rather expensive projector screen, don’t leave it outside for prolonged periods of time. The sun, wind, and rain will contribute to the wear and tear of the product.

In this guide, we help you figure out which product is best for you by reviewing our top 5 picks, telling you what features to look for, and answering your burning questions.

Top 5 Outdoor Projector Screens

Now let’s take you through our 5 favorite outdoor projector screens so you can decide which model is better suited for you.

Let’s get to them!

Best Overall: Elite Screens Yard Master Plus

As it stands, the Elite Screens Yard Master is one of the popular choices in the market. This fact speaks for how great and versatile the plus version of this model is.

For starters, the Yard Master is a CineWhite screen, meaning, it’s quite easy to clean after each use. Additionally, this model comes with its own case for storage purposes.

Not only that, but Elite Screens manufactures its products so that they’re mildew-resistant and lightweight. This makes their screens easy to assemble and store over the summer, with no trouble—just like our following VIVOHOME model.

The Yard Master Plus version does sell at a relatively high price, though. The aluminum frame is durable on one hand but can be wobbly on the other.

The screen itself is susceptible to creasing while in storage since you have to fold it up. The model also uses snaps to secure the screen, which can be easily lost if not careful.


  • Picture quality is enhanced due to the black backing feature
  • Portable screen for increased versatility
  • Multiple height adjustment settings for big spaces
  • Detachable T-legs for indoor uses too


  • Expensive due to its high-quality manufacturing
  • The wobbly screen won’t handle strong winds

Best Value: VIVOHOME Outdoor and Indoor Inflatable Screen

For our inflatable outdoor projector screen option, we have the reasonably-priced VIVOHOME product. This model comes with its own storage case, an included air pump, along with tethers and yard stakes as well.

Needless to say then that you’ll find setting up this VIVOHOME product to be a breeze. Plus, its durable material will help the screen stay upright even in windy conditions—unlike the Elite Screens model above.

Speaking of the manufacturing, VIVOHOME projector screens are mostly weather-resistant, meaning, their products are quite long-lasting.

While Elite Screens are portable, because this VIVOHOME is inflatable, it doesn’t allow for the same luxury. That’s mainly because you need that inflater everywhere you go.

The air pump can be easily knocked over during the show as well. In turn, this may compromise your viewing experience, or worse, damage your screen when it falls as a result.


  • Available in a variety of sizes 
  • Supports multiple setting up options
  • Removable projection surface for easy cleaning
  • Is quick to take down and put up


  • Image can distort in strong winds
  • Unstable air pump

Best Budget: Getco Tech Double-Sided Screen

Consider Getco Tech’s projector screen in case you’re on a budget and can’t afford the more expensive options mentioned here, such as Elite Screens and Vamvo.

What makes this GT model stand out from the rest are two things. On one hand, GT manufactures its products so that they’re rust-resistant.

On the other hand, this is the only projector screen on our list that’s double-sided. In other words, you can view a picture from either or both sides if you want.

GT’s products may sound tempting, but the size range can’t be compared to our previous two items. This model is one of the biggest projector screens and yet is only around 100 inches long.

Not only that, but setting up this screen isn’t as intuitive as it looks. You may need another person to help you firmly attach the frame to its respective stands.


  • One of the few budget-friendly projector screens 
  • Built for durability and longevity 
  • Foldable material that can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • A glass-fiber rod frame that’s weatherproof


  • Isn’t as quick to set up as it is to pack
  • The screen can be unstable in windy environments

Best Size: KHOMO GEAR Jumbo Inflation Screen

Another inflated option? Once we review the great qualities of the KHOMO GEAR jumbo projector screen, you’ll know why it’s one of our favorites.

To begin with, this model is bigger than all the other ones we go through here. Standing at 20 feet tall, with a screen that’s around 180 inches long, you’re in for an amazing watching experience.

Similar to VIVOHOME’s product, KHOMO GEAR has got you covered with various setting up options so your screen won’t topple over no matter how strong the weather gets. Plus, KG also supports double-sided projection like GT’s aforementioned model.

On the downside though, this KHOMO GEAR screen requires constant power to operate. This, in turn, means that the product isn’t portable and can only be used outdoors.

Additionally, and due to its gigantic size, packing this product up can prove rather difficult. The material isn’t as durable or reflective as our other models, either.Pros

  • A big screen for the perfect theatre experience
  • Reasonably-priced considering how huge the screen is
  • Comes with an included blower, spikes, and ropes
  • The velcro material allows for easy attachment


  • No mobility or portability available due to size
  • The picture quality isn’t the best since it reflects ambient light

Best for Convenience: Vamvo Foldable Projector Screen and Stand

Granted, a few of our options here aren’t that lightweight to carry around. With Vamvo’s foldable projector screen, you don’t have to worry about packing this product up and setting it anywhere you are.

Because this Vamvo model is made from polyester as well as velcro, it’s highly durable and can support both front and rear projection—just like KHOMO GEAR.

What does make Vamvo unique, however, is that you can iron the screen if it wrinkles while in storage. You can’t do the same with Elite Screens, though. This 120 inches product is easy to assemble and secure as well.

Unlike the Elite Screens product, Vamvo doesn’t have the adjustable height feature. The included stands are rather short too. Both of these factors can make it hard to see the screen from certain angles. 

Not only that, but this Vamvo model isn’t as weather-resistant as GT’s screen, for example. As a result, this product may not be as long-lasting.


  • Foldable so can be packed into a small case
  • Iron-friendly screen for wrinkle-free viewing
  • Comes with ground stakes for extra stability
  • Lightweight and durable due to the aluminum textured material


Final Thoughts

The main aim of our detailed guide was to help you decide on an outdoor projector screen so you can add a fun element to your special movie nights.

That said, we’d recommend going with Elite Screens’ Yard Master Plus model for an unforgettable viewing experience. For something more budget-friendly though, how about GT’s double-sided screen instead?

Enjoy your purchase!

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