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4 Of The Most Essential Outdoor Accessories For Your Yard

When it comes to home style and practicality, most people only focus on the inside of their homes. The interior design industry is booming. But what about the space outside of your house? It’s important to remember that this is your space and will reflect on your home too. But this goes beyond making sure that the grass is kept short and hedges are trimmed. Your exterior space holds the potential to add so much more to your home. From providing storage space to creating a perfect atmosphere for an outdoor summer BBQ. Here are a few smart ideas for additions to make your garden something to envy.

A Shed

Sheds are our saviors. A shed will provide you with extra storage space for things you don’t particularly want to keep in the house, but also don’t want to expose to the elements and potential thieves. Think about it. You spend a fair amount of money on gardening appliances. Lawnmowers, strimmers, hoses, sprinklers. The cost adds up. So you want to keep these things dry, safe and in working order. A shed provides the perfect home for them. Bikes too. You’ve been out cycling. The bicycle has got you from A-B but chances are, the wheels are a little muddy. Do you really want to traipse this dirt across your brand new carpet? Of course not. So leave it in the shed. It will be dry, protected from rusting and your home stays clean. Who wants a bicycle blocking up their hallway? Remember to invest in a lock for your shed.

A Compost Bin

This one often slips people’s minds. But composting is great for you and the environment. Think of how much organic matter goes into your bins every single week. Potato peelings, leftover carrots, green beans, mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli. Don’t throw these in the bin. Take them outside to your compost bin. Not only will you clear your kitchen of leftover fruit and vegetables, but you’ll create your own organic compost. Your flowerbeds will thank you for it.

A Table and Chairs

There are all sorts of outdoor furniture to fit your budget and needs. From plastic sets that can be stacked and stored out of the way or winter, to metal antique tables and chairs for a year round seating area. A table and chairs will allow you to relax in your garden in comfort. It’s such a good investment. Imagine. Sitting out in the summer morning sun with a glass of fresh juice and breakfast, waiting for your friend to pop in. Or an evening cup of coffee on a chilly winter’s afternoon.

A Fire Pit

This sounds dramatic. Like some dancing inferno. But it’s not. A fire pit is essentially an outdoor fireplace. They are a safe means of creating a little heat in your outdoor space. Just remember to keep an eye on little ones and pets around it. Unsurprisingly, they reach high temperatures and would be dangerous if touched. These are great for stargazing in your garden at night when the temperatures dip. Or when you have friends round and the sun starts to set.

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