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Smokeless Fire Pits 101: What You Need To Know

There’s something special about sitting around a fire, chatting with friends enjoying the outdoors. A chilly night or clambake calls for a cozy backyard, and nothing says cozy like a fire pit, except when it comes to the smoke. For many, it’s the whole reason why they don’t bother with a fire pit in their backyard. That’s where a smokeless fire pit can come into play in your backyard.

How Smokeless Fire Pits Work

One of the biggest questions that you may have about smokeless fire pits is how they work. Many don’t believe that they do work, but it’s how they are made that makes it possible. These fire pits allow the fire to burn as efficiently as possible.

Smokeless Fire Pits and The Fire Triangle

Fire requires fuel, air, and heat. The bottom of a smokeless fire pit has vents specifically created to give the fire ample oxygen to help it burn. The fire pit itself has a double wall that pulls up air to travel up inside the walls. As this air and smoke go up, the heat burns up the majority of smoke before it escapes from the holes in the top.

 Guide to Buying Smokeless Fire Pits

There are a few considerations you want to keep in mind when purchasing a smokeless fire pit.

  1. Local Ordinances: The first thing you should consider when thinking about adding a smokeless fire pit to your home is whether it’s legal or not. Some areas don’t allow for fire pits in your backyard. You may find that there are stipulations that the fire can only be a specific size, used to cook food, or other rules.
  2. Size: You want to make sure that the fire pit is the right size for where you plan on placing it. While these are great for smaller backyards and patios, you still want to have ample space around the smokeless fire pit on all sides. You don’t want to make it too close to where it’s a fire or safety hazard.
  3. Safety: If you have younger children around, you’ll want to make sure that the smokeless fire pit you choose isn’t too easy to ignite. There are options available with safety features that prevent accidental ignition of the fire pit.
  4. Budget: There are a nice variety of smokeless fire pits that can fit any budget. Before shopping around, it can be helpful to think about your budget to help you stay in your price range. 

Benefits of Smokeless Fire Pits

Get Rid of Smoke Hassles

All the annoyances that come with a regular fire pit are gone with a smokeless fire pit. The smoke blowing into your face and hurts your eyes and throat. The smell that makes your clothing stink like smoke the next day. The potential for smoke to bother your neighbors or cause them to think there’s an unattended fire in your yard. All of these issues disappear just like the smoke thanks to this ingenious construction.

More Efficient Burn

Not only is it great for getting rid of the smoke, but with a smokeless fire pit, you don’t have to worry about the wind. Cooking and enjoying a fire has never been easier. Thanks to the design with more efficient burning and easy-to-control flame, you can consistently cook foods: no more half-raw and half-burnt steaks. Plus, clean-up is a breeze thanks to the fire burning hotter than usual fire pits helping to reduce the burned materials.

Environmentally Friendly

It may seem counterintuitive, but burning wood can be environmentally friendly. It puts carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, which trees use for photosynthesis to make oxygen. A smokeless fire pit creates carbon dioxide and uses less wood to burn than a traditional fire pit. In addition, you’re not damaging your local air quality with smoke. 

Smokeless fire pits are a great addition to your yard year-round for crisp days and nights. They have some great benefits while providing a cozy place to enjoy the outdoors. 

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