How To Add an Outdoor TV To Your Yard

Turn your backyard into a fun outdoor TV room

Have you ever wanted to roll a movie night and pool party into one? With the addition of an outdoor TV, you can have ultimate viewing experience in your own backyard.

Before you begin shopping for an outdoor TV consider the overall size your of outdoor space, your viewing distance to the prospective TV location, and the amount of sun exposure in your outdoor area, advises Michael Sloan, president and COO of SkyVue Outdoor TVs.

Since ambient light can significantly affect the picture quality, be sure to “assess where [your] screen will be located and which direction it will face in relation to the sun during expected viewing hours,” says Keegan Coulter, vice president of sales and marketing for Séura.

Séura offers two different types of outdoor TVs—one for shaded areas and one for direct sunlight. SkyVue offers four different models based on the amount of sun exposure your TV will receive. SkyVue’s OBX line is equipped with a specially formulated anti-glare/anti-reflective glass that is bonded directly to the panels. “This technology improves clarity and reduces glare even in extreme sunlight,” says Sloan.

MirageVision developed its own method of production by taking existing top-brand indoor TVs and adding weatherproofing components for outdoor use. “We enhance the picture image when viewed outdoors by using our special ‘calibration’ of the donor TV settings to create the best picture quality when viewed in bright [sunlight],” says Dale Potts, president and CEO of Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc., creator of MirageVision Outdoor TVs.

Some options for installation include mounting your TV on a wall/post or setting the TV on movable cart. MirageVision offers a TV lift cabinet in which you can raise or hide the TV at the push of a button.

Outdoor TVs range in size from 24- to 84-inch screens. Séura and SunBriteTV recently introduced 84-inch models, both are now available for pre-order and ready to ship this summer.

Most outdoor TVs can also function as smart TVs with either integrated Wi-Fi and/or HMDI input, allowing you to stream movies, music, and more. “Our customers love the option to use Wi-Fi,” says Sloan. “Our world is becoming more connected every day, so we are trying to keep our products on top of those trends.”

So next time you’re lounging in the pool and want to watch your favorite show, no need to grab a towel and head inside—just grab the remote, kick back, and enjoy!

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