Grandin Road’s 2023 Outdoor Collection Unveiled

Grandin Road®, an online retailer specializing in seasonal home furnishings and decor, has unveiled its 2023 Outdoor Collection, featuring hundreds of new styles to make every day feel like a summer retreat. The collection offers a range of exclusive outdoor furnishings, from inviting front porch decorations to lively backyard gatherings.

The 2023 Outdoor Collection covers every aspect of your outdoor space, including refreshing entryways with lush greenery and unique decor, creating comfortable gathering spaces with stylish seating, showcasing plants in eye-catching designs, lounging poolside with vibrant cushions and pillows, and adding distinctive finishing touches to your garden.

Natalie Brown, Senior VP of Marketing, Ecommerce, and Creative, said, “Our customers love their homes, from the front entry all the way to their gardens. The Grandin Road 2023 Outdoor Collection helps them create even more special spaces to gather, relax, and add joy to life outdoors.”

Additionally, customers can explore BACKYARD by Grandin Road, a casual approach to seating, lighting, and accents, perfect for private escapes or socializing with friends and family. Discover more ways to enjoy life outside this summer with the Grandin Road 2023 Outdoor Collection.

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