Introducing GeoDrops: The Future of Smart Irrigation Management

Homedigy Inc., a cutting-edge consumer product and services company based in Silicon Valley, has unveiled GeoDrops, a revolutionary smart irrigation management system that promises to transform the way we care for our gardens. This groundbreaking system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art sensor technology to deliver a more beautiful garden while saving up to 70% of outdoor irrigation water.

GeoDrops is now available for reservation on Indiegogo and is set to ship in the summer of 2023.

The true innovation behind GeoDrops lies in its ability to measure detailed soil conditions, such as evapotranspiration rate and water content at various soil depths. This ensures that every drop of water is used as efficiently as possible by your plants’ roots. GeoDrops is compatible with all types of landscaping and watering methods, from manual garden hoses and traditional irrigation controllers to smart irrigation controllers.

At the heart of the GeoDrops system are the Droplets – miniature, WiFi-connected computers equipped with powerful AI sensor processors. Each Droplet is as small as a sprinkler head, easy to install, and built to withstand the elements. The GeoDrops system uses a distributed AI computer architecture that processes data from both the Droplets and online weather information, accessible from anywhere through the GeoDrops smartphone app. Additionally, GeoDrops is compatible with IFTTT, allowing it to directly drive compatible smart irrigation controllers.

Fiona, a Charles Street Gardens administrator and avid gardener, shared her excitement about the GeoDrops system, stating, “I love seeing how the [GeoDrops] sensor is recording the different moisture levels in the raised bed system compared to the ground [bed] system. [The system can detect] wood chips [in the soil] as well. We’re excited to learn how we can better use the system to manage our irrigation system in spring and summer.”

GeoDrops offers the assurance that your garden and lawn will have the perfect water conditions. To reserve your GeoDrops system or to learn more, please visit:

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