Discover Arhaus’ Stunning Outdoor 2023 Collection: ‘Currents’

Arhaus, a renowned name in artisan-crafted and responsibly sourced home furnishings, proudly unveils its Outdoor 2023 Collection called “Currents.” Inspired by breathtaking shores and coastlines from Costa Rica to New England, this collection captures the essence of natural beauty and presents a range of both new and enduring creations. Now available online at and in over 80 Arhaus showrooms across the nation, the “Currents” collection offers versatile pieces for every taste.

John Reed, Arhaus Co-Founder and CEO, states that their goal is to transport customers to their favorite shorelines and coastlines while encouraging them to create their own personal paradise. The collection features an assortment of furnishings built to withstand the elements, as well as accents that blend seamlessly into any setting. Highlights of the collection include the Corfu Collection with its all-weather teak, Roos Seating Collection, Newport Collection, and the Mix & Match Outdoor Dining Collection, allowing for a truly customized outdoor experience.

Additionally, Arhaus expands its outdoor accents with new pillows, throws, vases, baskets, and planters, all designed to enhance the ambiance of a personal oasis. With a focus on global inspiration and handcrafted quality, the Outdoor 2023 Collection invites you to experience the best of outdoor living in style.

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