Cute little children playing with frisbee outdoors on sunny day
Cute little children playing with frisbee outdoors on sunny day

10 Exciting Frisbee Games For Kids That Can Be Played In The Backyard

10 Exciting Frisbee Games For Kids That Can Be Played In The Backyard

Throwing a frisbee is a favorite pastime of many kids during the spring and summer months, and it’s easy to see why. It takes skill to learn how to throw a flying disc, but once you master it, watching the flying disc flow through the air is incredibly satisfying.

Although playing a game of catch with a frisbee is a go-to activity for many, you may find that your kids get bored of it quickly. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a few frisbee games for kids who are ready to switch it up so you keep them preoccupied while enjoying the sun. Curious to know what those games are? Keep reading to find out.

Why Play Frisbee Games for Kids?

If you have a backyard BBQ or picnic planned this summer, expect your kids to tell you that they’re bored at least once during the get-together. If that’s the case, it’s important to be prepared with a fun activity for them to do.

A frisbee is simple yet can lead to hours of entertainment. Although your kids may be satisfied with the frisbee at first, make sure to have a variety of games ready to introduce them to new ways of playing with a frisbee.

Let’s look at some of the best frisbee games for your kids’ entertainment.

Top 8 Frisbee Games for Kids

Despite the simplicity of the disc, you can get pretty creative with a frisbee and play a large number of games, most of which involve hand-eye coordination and precision. If these are two skills that your child has or needs to work on, then frisbee games are a great activity to have them do in your backyard.

Here is a list of frisbee games for kids that will keep your kids entertained in your backyard for hours.

1. Ultimate frisbee

To start our list of frisbee games for kids, we have one of the most popular frisbee games of all time: ultimate frisbee.

If you aren’t familiar with the ultimate frisbee game or need a refresher, here’s how to play.

You’ll need:

  • A frisbee
  • At least 4 players divided into two teams (recommend at least 8 total players)
  • Cones or other objects to designate the endzone
  • A spacious backyard or playing field

Before you start, make sure that you have a space large enough to throw, run, and catch a frisbee. It doesn’t have to be too much space, but if you feel there isn’t enough space in your backyard, you may need to transition to the park. 

Toss a coin to see which player starts with the frisbee, or place the frisbee in the middle of the playing field with both teams starting at their respective end zones, and have players race to get the frisbee first.

Like football, soccer, and other sports, the object of the game is for each team to score a point in the opposing team’s end zone. When a player has the frisbee, they have ten seconds to pass the frisbee and can’t move their feet from their position in the meantime. The goal for the other players is to remain open for a pass while the other team plays defense and attempts to intercept the disc. 

The play goes to the other team if one of the following occurs:

  • The frisbee is dropped.
  • The frisbee goes out of bounds.
  • The frisbee is intercepted.

The team that scores the most goals at the end wins. This is a great game for kids, but it can also be a fun and competitive game for adults.

2. Frisbee relay race

Next on our list of frisbee games for kids is a classic relay race.

Since it’s a frisbee throwing race, this game is best with two opposing teams. Set up some landmarks using cones in a zigzag pattern for each team to follow. Blow the whistle, and the first player starts at the first cone while the other player runs to the second. The first player must throw the frisbee to the second player and run to the next cone on their side. This pattern continues until one of the teams reaches the end of the cones first.

This fun game will bring out your kids’ competitive nature while also urging them to collaborate.

3. Kan Jam Original Disc Toss Game

Next, we have the Kan Jam Original Disc Toss Game. This game quickly became popular and is now played worldwide. Here’s how it works.

Two teams of two take turns tossing a disc between two plastic cans. The object of this game is to deflect the frisbee into the can for points. The main way to win this game is by reaching 21 points, but you can also win if the teammate who throws the frisbee lands it in the can without the help of their other teammate.

This great outdoor party game is best for competitive older kids who understand teamwork. It’s also a popular game amongst adults, so you’ll be sure to get good use of this game either way.

GoSports Disc Slam is another, more affordable version of Kan Jam. This set includes two disc slam targets, two frisbees, and a carrying case to easily take the game with you wherever you go. As with Kan Jam, you need two teams of one or two players. Each team must get their frisbee into the other team’s target.

4. Frisbee tag

Frisbee keep-away tag is another simple but exciting frisbee game for kids that will keep them entertained.

To play, you need four or more players split into two teams. Just as with regular tag, one team is “it” and one team is “not it”. The “not it” team starts with the frisbee and tosses the frisbee to one another. 

The objective is for the “it” team to intercept the frisbee in the air. Once they do, reverse the roles. The “it” team becomes the “not it” team and vice versa.

You can make the game a little more interesting and difficult by adding new rules, such as a time limit with the frisbee or requiring a certain kind of throw.

5. Musical frisbee

Musical chairs is a classic game that most kids are familiar with, so taking it to a new level using a frisbee is a great way to switch it up.

The rules of the game are simple. You need at least two players (preferably more), one frisbee, and some background music. When the music starts playing, your kids must toss the frisbee to one another. When the music stops, the person holding the frisbee is out of the game. The last person standing wins.

6. Frisbee hot potato

Hot potato is another familiar game that’s easily played with a frisbee.

The rules to this version are identical to the original, except the potato, in this case, is a frisbee. You’ll need at least four players, but the more the merrier.

Start by having your kids throw the frisbee at each other in a circle. If someone drops it, they go to the center of the circle and become part of the hot potato soup.

7. Get the frisbee through the hula hoop

This is one of the best frisbee games for kids that work on hand-eye coordination, and all you need for it are two objects you probably already have: a frisbee and hula hoops.

The goal is to get the frisbee through the hula hoops. You can stand holding the hula hoops while your kid tries to throw it in, or if you have a tree in your backyard, you can hang them from there so that they can play by themselves. If you choose to hang the hula hoops, make sure not to do it on a windy day, or the game may become too difficult!

8. Classic game of catch 

The last exciting outdoor party game for kids we have to mention is a traditional game of catch.

Although this activity is simple, it’s a great way to warm up before diving into other frisbee games. Your kids might get into tossing the frisbee back and forth and end up staying occupied for hours. Better yet, this is one of the best activities to do with your dog, meaning it can keep the entire family entertained. 

So when coming up with frisbee games for kids, don’t forget to pitch a game of catch as a first choice.

Frisbee Games are for All Ages

Kids love tossing around a frisbee, so when you turn it into a game, you’re sure to get enthusiastic responses and hours of fun.

Although often considered a physical activity for kids, the truth is that frisbee games never stop being fun. So next time you and your friends get together for an outdoor BBQ, consider picking up a frisbee and catching up while tossing it around your backyard.

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