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5 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

From pops of color to natural materials, bring a touch of the outdoors inside your home with few simple design tricks.

Fibers, Texture and Patterns

Introduce some fibers, textures and patterns that naturally evoke feelings of being outdoors. If you are looking for a wood cabin feeling in one particular room, you could go with Plank and Mill premium barn wood peel and stick wood paneling. Textures such as wicker and sun-bleached finishes help to give an outdoors vibes. Or, choose furniture, baskets, rugs, or lampshades that incorporate an ‘outdoorsy’ material such as hemp, bamboo, or rattan.

Outdoor Colors

Some colors naturally make you think of being outdoors and green is one of the top choices, evoking the feel of grass and plants. Nice deep blues make you think of water and the sky. And yellows evoke images of the sun and bright flowers. Of course, you may just decide to have a few of these items that stand out a more neutral background like your classic whites or beiges.

Combine Nature and Decor

There are plenty of items that combine both nature and decor such as rocks, seashells and wood. Start off by using these sparingly as you can always add more over time. Alternatively, you could always get some pictures of outdoors scenes to put up around the place. Wood floors are a commonly used ‘outdoorsy’ decorative element and there is no doubt that they are a stylish option.

Bring in More Natural Light

You should be aiming to invite as much natural light into your home as you can as it evokes positive feelings in people. Instead of heavy winter drapes, you could go for something lighter and more airy. Simply keeping your windows nice and clean can make all the difference. And try to allow your home to breathe as much as possible by opening windows and letting the fresh air flow throughout your home.

Treat Your Senses

Some outdoor smells can help to transport you into nature without leaving your home. Fresh flowers are the best way to achieve this, but you can also go for woody incense and potpourri. And occasionally you could try playing some sounds of the ocean, the whistling wind or pouring rain. If it works to help you feel relaxed in many spas, there is no reason that it won’t work in your own home too!

Using these simple tricks, you can invite the outdoors into your home and really create a tranquil environment for everyone. Though many of these are simple, they are also effective.

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