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How To Create Your Own Secret Garden For A Backyard Hidden Hideaway

Ever wanted a quiet spot where you could just sit, relax and enjoy the birdsong without being interrupted? Wondered what it would be like to have an oasis of calm in the midst of all the chaos? Have long been inspired by childhood tales of dark mazes, long lost loves and buried treasure? Well, you don’t need to find a magical wardrobe, discover a hidden door or be transported into a surreal wonderland to create a safe, secure outdoor space. All you need is a bucket load of enthusiasm, a small corner of the garden and some green fingered hints and tips from us!

Pick Your Spot

Depending on the type of space you have, you may already know the perfect place to create your ‘secret garden.’ It could be behind the apple trees, in front of the herb garden or even just behind the greenhouse. However, if nothing immediately jumps out at you don’t worry as you can always grow a hidden area with a line of fir trees, or shrubs. Better still if you have space near a wall or fence, an unused area next to your patio pagoda or even wooden trellising that’s covered with fragrant wisteria they’ll be perfect.

When looking for planting tips, the top gardening blogs to consider are ones who actually know their stuff, have a good reader base and come top of an SEO search. Choose your plants carefully as you want to make this special area as vibrant, colorful and wildlife friendly as possible. Medium shrubs, vines, and bushes encourage all sorts of animals including field mice and birds that are looking for enclosed, or dense shrubs to build their nests in.

Be Scentsational

Unlike in a larger, sprawling garden, you’re much more likely to notice heavenly scents in a smaller space. One of gardening’s greatest pleasures is smelling charming, elegant perfumes of blossoming plants so let your imagination run wild. Some of the most popular scented plants are honeysuckle and jasmine, but there’s a whole range of beautiful buds to choose from. Why not plant lilacs? Hyacinths? Sweet Pea? Or even herbs like lavender and rosemary? Roses also look fantastic when they come into bloom, giving your garden that romantic, timeless feel as if the whole world’s fallen away and it’s just you enjoying the sun’s golden rays on your back. To attract the prettiest insect of all to your garden don’t forget to plant inviting plumes of purple Buddleia that even the hardiest of butterflies won’t be able to resist.

Make It Yours

Why not add in a charming stone birdbath? That way you’ll see a variety of feathered friends in the garden as they stop by for a quick drink. Look out for a comfy garden bench, or outdoor swing as well as wrought iron side tables and chairs for when you have guests. Place a couple of beautiful statues or a small water feature in the garden so you can hear the sound of gentle, running water while you read. Finally, remember to take your belongings in, or buy a small weatherproof painted cabinet to store essentials like garden cushions.

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