The Best Outdoor Bar Furniture Ideas You’ll Love in 2022

Are you into any projects with your backyard? Outdoor bars are rapidly becoming popular across the US. Many reasons could prompt you to set up an outdoor bar, including long-term savings if you love beer. For instance, buying a few crates at wholesale price sounds pretty affordable than daily pints of glass at the local joint. Most importantly, outdoor bars are easy to build with a simple DIY process. Depending on your budget, you can buy new materials or repurpose the wooden structures in your home. Some homeowners may also prefer to build a semi-permanent bar, mainly if they use their backyard space for multiple functions. 

However, you’ll only have a great experience with your outdoor bar if you furnish it with the right materials. For instance, you can go for high-quality best outdoor bar furniture sets to achieve versatility. Remember, the backyard garden is part of your home. The more you make it unique, the higher the chances it will increase the property’s value. Besides the premium feel, you’ll also create a comfortable space for relaxation and increased productivity when you choose to work from home. Imagine the difference that a swivel chair and a set of outdoor bar stools will bring to your compound.

This article highlights the best outdoor bar furniture ideas you can try in 2021 and beyond.

How Do You Plan an Outdoor Bar?

Creating a plan for your bar is purely aesthetic, and it will help if you go for DIY plans to create a unique experience. Remember, doing it yourself allows you to leverage the power of imagination and create a bar that embodies your taste and personality. Also, your budget won’t go overboard if you settle for home materials. However, using a DIY design depends on your skills and availability. Some homeowners find it easy if they hire professional designers. Either way, you can choose your ideal outdoor plan from a wide selection, including:

Basic Backyard Bar

The first design that probably crosses your mind is a basic backyard bar. Building this bar is easy, and you can get the job done in three hours or less. After installing the countertop, you can fence the area with bamboo sticks and a few lighting elements to illuminate the area. 

Portable Outdoor Bar

Do you want to create an outdoor bar that takes up less space but still guarantees an intimate partying experience? If so, you can go for a mini-portable bar design. The plans can include L and U-shape settings. In that case, you’ll need a countertop and a backdoor bench or a set of outdoor bar stools. Remember, you can move this setting around your backyard, depending on mood and weather. So today, you can party on the deck and tomorrow in between the shrubs. 

Hut Outdoor Bar Design

Sometimes, the partying experience gets better if you do it from a raised surface or a space that is free from direct sun and rainfall. In that case, designing a hut outdoor plan sound like the best bet. You can retrofit this design on an existing deck or slab concrete. If you prefer more adventure, you can design a standalone design to erect it in the middle of the backyard, next to the shrubs. Moreover, you can include optional shutters if you’d want to close down the bar for winter storage. 

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bars

You can also design a DIY pallet bar plan, especially if you want to build it next to a swimming pool. Pallet bars are simple to create, and you can have the plan ready in a few minutes. The best part? It will take you one afternoon or two to build this bar. However, it will help if you have the right woodwork skills because this design involves many cuttings, measurements, and fastening with screws. Besides wood, you can also bring in tiles for the countertop area finishing. 

Select Location for Your Outdoor Bar

When choosing the best location for your outdoor bar, you would want a spot that guarantees privacy, functionality, and intimacy. For instance, you go for an excellent area situated close to the indoor kitchen. This will make bringing food from the kitchen to the countertop easy. Also, if you often host family parties, it will help if you keep the barbeque spot away from the children playing area. That way, the children wouldn’t have to be playing football and have the ball bouncing into hot charcoal. As for privacy, go for a location that shields you from your neighbors by plants, walls, or even green fences. 

Other factors you may want to consider when picking a location for your outdoor bar include a shade for homeowners who like kick-starting the party early. If you don’t have trees, you can create artificial shades from an umbrella or a patio cover. Also, don’t forget to consider wind direction. You don’t want the smoke from the barbeque area to choke guests in the bar.

Creating the Layout of Your Outdoor Bar

After determining the design and location of your outdoor bar, you’ll now need to create a simple layout and build the structure as soon as possible. Of course, the type of layout will depend on the design you settled for at the beginning. Remember, the more complex a plan, the longer it will take you to create the layout. But, again, you don’t want to stall the project. Thus, you can opt for professional assistance if you don’t trust your skills to deliver a high-quality layout within a specific timeframe. 

What Should You Put in Your Outdoor Bar?

As noted, you’ll only create vivid experiences in your outdoor bar if you furnish it with the right materials. Most importantly, you need items that allow you to quickly and easily fix a drink, regardless of the time of the day or night. That means having a well-stocked bar with a variety of items/spots, including:

Serving Area

Before even setting the sitting area, you’ll need ample space to place everything, including treating your guests to a buffet. You can go for a weather-proof countertop. For instance, a high-quality hardwood can withstand the test of bard weather and hot foods. Alternatively, you can go for a portable wheel cart if you don’t want to break the bank. Remember, you only need a flat surface to put a couple of bottles without toppling over. 

Cold Storage

If you think anyone wants to have a lukewarm beverage at an evening party, you’re wrong. Also, having a freezer inside the house means more activity indoors than outdoors. You would want to install cold storage where anyone can freeze their bottles or grab a couple of ice cubes. Alternatively, you can opt for a mini-fridge. Depending on the number of guests and the party’s theme, you can always bring an extra bucket of ice cubes for making cocktails. 


There are plenty of appliances you can add to your outdoor bar to enhance the partying experience. For instance, you can add a microwave beneath the serving counter. That way, guests won’t have to go to the indoor kitchen to warm their food. Another appliance you can add is a display shelf to bring the real reveling experience to your backyard. However, you might need to cover these appliances after use to protect them from bad weather. 


Having a party in your outdoor bar won’t be fun without ambient lighting. Besides enhancing ambiance, lighting guarantees the safety and security of your guests by illuminating all the dark spots and pathways. You can choose temporary or permanent lighting fixtures. If you go for temporary lighting, installing metal candle holders all over the place sounds like a good option. Alternatively, you can go for permanent solar bulbs to cut energy costs. 

Outdoor Bar Furniture Material Options List and Description

Generally, there are up to three prevalent types of furniture material options, including:


Metal outdoor furniture is a go-to option if you want a material that lasts for ages to realize your investment’s value. Prevalent metal outdoor furniture options include aluminum and cast aluminum. But why aluminum? Well, aluminum is lightweight and resistant to rust. Besides high portability, aluminum furniture requires few to zero maintenance needs. 


Wood is the most popular material for a high-quality outdoor bar table or countertop. Wood is readily available, creating an excellent variety for homeowners. Thus, you can get a good option that fits into your budget. Some premium woods to go for include teak, mahogany, rosewood, or even cedar. However, you’ll need to seal the wood with molding to prevent rotting or bug infestation. 


If metal and wood materials seem out of your budget range, you can go for plastic. Plastic seats and furniture are an alternative option for high-end materials. In addition, you can go for designs that mimic wood to have a greater plastic appeal. Even so, kindly note that plastic furniture isn’t that durable. 

Outdoor Bar Furniture Types

You can furnish your partying space with outdoor bar furniture sets or standalone options. Sets often come in the same design and construction. On the other hand, standalone furniture is ideal if you want to achieve uniqueness. The prevalent types of furniture that will elevate the status of your outdoor bar include tables, chairs, and stands. Remember, a high-quality outdoor bar table can serve as a reception and kitchen countertop. The seats make everyone comfortable, while shelves can help display your outdoor art. 

Wrapping It Up

Creating a DIY outdoor bar is as easy as described above. You only need a few additions, such as portable fans and outdoor lighting, to transform the bar into the most inviting space in the neighborhood. Remember, the idea is using your imagination to determine what suits your needs and preferences.


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