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A Football Fans Guide to Entertaining Outdoors

It’s that time of year again! Football season is here and Americans across the nation are gearing up for some major NFL fun. Make the most of this football season by hosting some epic football parties. To make sure you’re the NFL host of the year, read this fan’s guide to entertaining outdoors while celebrating the next big game!

Start with Decor

Assuming all of your guests are supporting the same team, you should look for colors that match the team you’re rooting for to decorate. Balloons, garland, and even tablecloths and cutlery to match your favorite team will set the tone for the event. If you have rival fans, feel free to set up both colors and let the battle begin!

Set Up Outdoor Viewing

There are many elements to throwing an amazing outdoor game day event, but viewing the game is kind of the crux of the whole thing. To ensure your event goes off without a hitch, test out your television settings the day before. You may want to set up your flat screen outside or rent an inflatable screen for the night. Either way, your screen needs to be large enough for everyone to enjoy the game. It should be set up properly so check all wires and connections in advance to avoid delays on game day. You may also want to consider hooking your device up to a portable speaker, as well. This can make the sound quality better for the outdoor venue and allow all of your guests to hear properly — even over the cheering of your guests.

Set Up a Buffet

No football game event is complete without a buffet-style meal. Set up a table with a variety of foods to really set the tone. You can start with some football-shaped appetizers to get the theme going. It’s a good idea to consider a menu of finger foods that are easy to eat and not too messy. Keep your table stacked with some ice-cold beer and soft drinks. This can give your guests the stadium feel of watching the game live. Stadium-style foods like hot dogs, corn dogs, fries, and even churros, will make your football event feel like the real deal.

Consider Seating Options

Set up comfortable seating outside so guests can sit to watch the game and eat. NFL games can last a couple of hours so be sure to add some comfort to your seating with extra pillows, cushions, and throw blankets. There should be enough seating for all of your guests. Include some variety, too. Set up tables for those who wish to sit down and eat and TV seating front and center for those who don’t want to miss a minute of the game.

Halftime Show Snacks

If you’re watching the game, the Super Bowl Game, then you definitely need to consider some halftime snacks. The halftime show is something no fans want to miss. Make sure the food table is stacked with desserts like popcorn in individual cups, nachos, and other dips and snacks. 

Intermission Games

The game isn’t the only entertainment needed for a good party. Outdoor games can help keep everyone entertained during commercials and intermissions. Try organizing your own mini football games, bobbing for apples, or even a game of darts. Keep the spirit of competition alive with team games for a truly fun game day experience.

Create a Playlist

Whenever the game isn’t on the big screen, make sure to play some tunes to keep your outdoor football party going strong. Music keeps crowds entertained and contributes to a fun atmosphere. To make sure your outdoor football party an epic one, make sure your guests have fun from beginning to end. Plan a day of different activities and a variety of foods so your guests will constantly be surprised.

Plan Your Guest List Carefully

If you’re planning to host an outdoor NFL game day party, choose your guests wisely. It’s great to have some friendly competition between fans, but you may want to skip on inviting the die-hard fans who can’t separate emotion from the game. To make sure your party is fun and entertaining for all, keep the guest list limited to those who bring a positive attitude with them to every game day experience.

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