Small Yards Design Ideas And Upgrades For Small Yards For Small Yards

If you don’t have much outdoor space because you live in a dense urban area, don’t worry. There’s still plenty that you can do to maximize what you’ve got and make your garden “pop.” Take a look at some of these ideas for how to make the most of your situation.

Fill It Up

You might have a small outdoor area, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fill it up. The trick here is to make your outdoor space useful for something. Get some contemporary, designer garden furniture and make your neglected patio into a party area for hosting your dinner guests. Make the chairs themselves large and the table small so that you can create a cozy little enclave, right in the midst of your garden.

Accessorize For Space

If all you’ve got is small patio area or even a balcony, don’t worry, there’s still a lot that you can do. One idea is to use accessories like outdoor tables, chairs, plant pots, pot holders and outdoor rugs to create a scene. Using accessories helps to compensate for your garden’s lack of size with beautifully designed ornaments and trinkets, the perfect complement to an afternoon coffee and a chat with friends.

Remove That Tree

Not only are large trees dangerous during a storm, according to Integrity Tree Service, they’re also terrible when it comes to taking up space. If there’s a tree that’s hogging one side of your garden all to itself, have it removed so that you can make space for the things that you want. Small water features, a vertical herb garden, homemade garden mirrors – the list of possible replacements is almost endless.

Start Using Folding Furniture

Collapsing furniture is all the rage right now, thanks to the fact that it is so easy to stow away once you’re finished with it. You can transform a space in a matter of minutes and then hide everything away to make it appear as if it was never even there.

Companies, like Ikea, do folding outdoor furniture sets. One example is the Ikea Applaro, a great option for entertaining guests that can tuck away out of sight when not in use.

Grow Vertically, Not Horizontally

It’s hard to get that garden feeling when you’re so short on space. But growing a vertical garden can quickly give the impression that you’ve got more going on than the space available would seem to allow. You can plant whatever you like in a vertical garden, so long as whatever you’re growing fits in a pot.

Getting started with vertical gardens is easy. Just strap a few plant pots to a wall, or suspend them on a rack, and get watering. It’s like having your very own field of flowers.

Take Advantage Of Forgotten Spaces

Most people wouldn’t bother to try to make something special out of a small sliver of land between one house and the next. But for resourceful landscapers, this is an opportunity. Here you can create your very own oasis, perhaps by putting down paving stones, putting out garden chairs or planting your favorite green shrubs.

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