A Guide For How To Prepare Your Garden for Fall

Fall is one of the most pleasant months to spend in the garden, and it’s the perfect time to prepare it for the cold months ahead. When you have a lot of space to maintain, you also have the perfect opportunity for enjoying a home full of life even after the first frost sets. You can, in fact, achieve the same kind of landscaped beauty you enjoy in the summer, while also sowing a robust foundation for plants and animals when it gets chillier outside.

Here is how you can put your garden to bed properly this year and wake it up again for spring, in full bloom and healthier than ever.

Lawn preparations

October is your last chance to apply a high-quality fertilizer to your lawn, so get this over with as soon as possible. Although the grass leaves are slow growers during fall and winter, the roots are just as active as ever; by applying a healthy dose of fertilizer now, you give them a chance to establish strong roots and boost their nutrients by the time spring returns.

You can continue to have the lawn mowed throughout fall, by the way, just remember to drop the blade to the lowest setting by your last two sessions. It makes it easier for the sunlight to reach the crown of the grass – and by continuing to cut it, there won’t be as many brown leaves at the end of winter.

Keep your conservatory cozy

When you have a conservatory in your garden, it’s easy to enjoy the seasonal change. To keep it as snug and comfortable as possible, it’s important that the cold temperatures outside are kept at bay. Although your conservatory keeps a lot of it out with double glazed windows, you can also include a carpet in there when it gets a bit chillier.

If this doesn’t make you comfortable enough, you can even find a variety of heat insulation curtain liners. It will drastically improve the insulation, and you can enjoy your space outside, feeling warm and happy.

General maintenance

You may want to get most of the garden maintenance out of the way as soon as possible and this is understandable – particularly when the space is large. You’d be doing the wildlife in your neighborhood a big favor if you waited a while with having the hedges cut or pruned, though, as birds love to nest there and eat berries during the winter.

Prepare your landscaping and gardening equipment for spring instead, and have a look at some reviews first so that you know what to look for. Set up a log-pile for the hedgehogs in your area, as well, and your home will be vibrant with life until spring is back.

Although you may be moving your favorite outdoor plants inside to keep them away from the frost, you should remember to treat any outdoor statues the same way. Keep them covered or move them into your garage to make sure nothing withers away before its time. Read up on how you can keep your pool protected during winter, by the way, to make sure your entire home is covered and prepared.

All you need now is a snug space to crawl up in and a large cup of coffee while watching the birds prepare for winter right outside in your garden.

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