Illuminated Backyard Garden. Night Time Photo. Outdoor Garden Lighting.
Illuminated Backyard Garden. Night Time Photo. Outdoor Garden Lighting.
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Outdoor Decorative Lights for Your Garden – Top 10 Pro Tips

Outdoor Decorative Lights for Your Garden

You put so much hard work and time into making your garden look amazing. Why not light it up so you can showcase it even when the sun goes down?

Adding lights to your garden is an incredible way to illuminate your flowerbed and improve the look of your landscaping. 

If you are on the hunt for outdoor decorative lights for your garden, this article will provide you with a few of our favorite options, as well as some helpful tips and tricks picked up by the pros to give your garden that special look you desire. 

10 Pro Tips for Improving Your Garden with Decorative Lights

Before you spend money on outdoor lights, there are a few things you really should consider and some tips and tricks to write down to get the most successful outcome that will have your neighbors glowing green with envy.

This article will discuss these ten topics:

  1. The best places to put your lights
  2. The tools you need to create your look
  3. The different themes and styles to choose from
  4. The best time for all options
  5. How to pick quality products
  6. Should you use light-up decor?
  7. Add a little bit of fire
  8. Be inconspicuous
  9. Utilize your patio
  10. Add a little music and dance

If you are thinking about spicing up your landscape and adding a little light to your yard, we are here to help.

The Best Location for Your Lights

When placing outdoor lighting around your garden, always keep in mind the work you will still need to do to maintain your plants. 

Make sure when adding any fixture to your flower beds, you are not inconveniencing yourself.

Have Your Tools on Hand for a Quick Installation

Although a lot of landscape lighting requires little to no work to set up, many need to be installed and require simple tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, shovels, etc.

Check your instruction manual before purchasing your product. This way, you can also pick up any tools you do not have on hand. 

Which Lighting Theme Fits Your Unique Style?

There is landscape lighting for every home. No matter your style or unique garden theme, there is a lighting fixture that’s perfect for you.

Are you going for a rustic country look? Light up your garden by placing mason jars around the edges with bright white LED lights.

Do you love sunflowers and want to stick with a floral theme? Pick up some stake lights with petals that will illuminate the night. Want something a little more whimsical? Try some Christmas lights or twinkling fairy lights.

Take the Time of Year into Consideration

Many homeowners like to brighten their landscape with lighting that matches each season or holiday, whether it’s Christmas lights in the winter, solar powered string lights draped on bushes in the summer, or low dimming pastel fairy lights in fun colors in the spring.

Know What to Look for in Quality Products

While hitting up the dollar store for stake or post lights in tons of different colors and themes can be an affordable way to increase the appeal of your garden, chances are they won’t hold up to the elements or environment.

Make sure the outdoor lighting you purchase is durable, weather-proof, and can take on strong winds, little children, pets, etc.

Light Up Decor

Thankfully, you are not stuck with simply picking a strand of string lights or stakes to place in the ground. Many decor items are solar powered, designed to lighten up your garden at night. 

Add an LED butterfly windchime to put an extra splash into your flower bed, or place some glowing rocks throughout the space to showcase each flower’s beauty.

Using Fire Isn’t as Outdated as You May Think

Consider purchasing a small, modern, decorative fire pit that can sit close to your garden. This area will enhance the beauty of your hard work and allow you to enjoy it while sitting by a cozy campfire, cuddling up with loved ones, or comfortably reading a book. Fire pits are becoming essential elements for a warm and welcoming backyard, and they add decorative light in a new and unique way.

Consider Being Inconspicuous

You don’t have to have big fancy wall light fixtures or bright multicolored flood lights. There are plenty of ways to provide extra vision in the dark without going overboard.

Consider purchasing backyard lighting that sits right on the ground. Some of these options allow you to dig a hole to install the light, so nothing shows but the light.

Utilize Your Patio for Extra Places to Add Lights

If you have a garden bed lining your patio or porch, use these posts and walls to hang lanterns or globe lights, install spotlights, or situate sconces. This will not only accentuate your foliage but will also provide a great place to hang out on a warm summer night.

Have Some Fun With Your Lighting Fixtures

There are tons of LED lights available today that allow the user to control the color of the light and even its movement with a remote or mobile device. Have some fun during garden parties or backyard BBQs with outdoor lights that will literally move to the music. 

Our Favorite Outdoor Decorative Lights

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of how to choose the best outdoor decorative lights for your garden, here are a few of our favorite options.

  1. Aloudy Solar Flower Garden Stake Lights – What better way to brighten up a flower garden than with color-changing LED flower stake lights?
  2. Watering Can Landscape Lights – Keep the garden theme going with a beautiful illuminating watering can.
  3. Large Solar Weatherproof Torches – Place these stake solar torches around the perimeter of your garden to provide plenty of light in a jaw-dropping design.
  4. Solar Jellyfish Light – Whether you are decorating for a special event or just want something unique and full of color to highlight your landscaping, these jellyfish lights will do the trick.
  5. Weather-proof Cracked Glass Balls – Just adding a few of these light fixtures will provide the radiance your flowerbed needs.
  6. Backyard LED Mason Jar Lights – Nothing says country summer nights like an illuminated mason jar full of bright LED lights.
  7. ALBINA Solar Deck Lights – Place these solar deck lights right above your garden for a modern and charming way to brighten up the night.
  8. Lampshade Walkway Lights – Use these beautiful and unique lampshade walkway lights to provide a constant shine in your backyard.

We could keep going with all the amazing choices out there, but you’ve probably got the idea. These are only eight marvelous outdoor decorative light options for your garden. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to search for what works best for you!

Summing Things Up

One of the easiest ways to add a little extra oomph to your landscape and increase your curbside appeal is by picking out the perfect light fixtures that go best with your garden’s specific design.

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