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Plantscapes Organics is dedicated to providing the highest quality of organic landscaping design/build and maintenance services in a thoughtful and conscientious way to create a beautiful, healthy environment for your family and pets while maintaining a respect for the interconnectedness of all things.

Choosing organic land care respects the natural environment of the world we all share. A healthy, organic landscape is based on the health of the soil that supports all of the plant life growing within it, and all of the creatures, animals and insects depending upon it for survival and long-term sustainability.

Organic landscaping focuses on working within the natural environment, building the health of the soil, conserving water, minimizing air and soil pollution and creating a healthy place to live, work and play.

It is the right choice if you are looking for landscape elements that require the least amount of inputs and maintenance, and if you want to work as a partner with the natural conditions of your property.

Organic = High Quality, State-of-the Art

Organic land care means beautiful, artistic landscape design with an eye towards longevity. It means incredible state-of-the-art construction of pleasing water elements woven amongst comfortable patios and graceful outdoor living environments. It means thoughtfully accenting your property's sensual hills and valleys with gorgeous plantings that enhance your lifestyle. It also means infusing your property with beauty and grace as Nature intended.

Thousands upon thousands of acres in New England and beyond are cared for organically, significantly reducing the negative impacts of toxic chemical and pesticide use including air pollution, water pollution and disease. As more and more land care companies choose organic methods, the world will become a healthier place and all life will benefit.

Organic Methods Save Money From a practical standpoint, organic land care also saves money in the long run, because once established, a healthy organic landscape with a diverse array of plants and healthy soil won't require as much maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. Instead, organic land care steps back a bit, allowing nature to grow and flourish the way it is meant to. We then edit this natural flow, steered by the client's overall goals.

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