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Company Profile

Ross Barrable is the founder and principal acoustic sculptor behind Soundscapes International Inc.

Over the past 33 years, he has refined this art form to create contemporary outdoor sound sculptures which integrates his experience as a master harp builder with his dedicated interest in sacred geometry and the transformational power of sound. The result is the evolution of contemporary sound sculptures that currently adorn more than 250 public and private landscape settings throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

These nature driven sound sculptures create a dynamic and resonant focal point that engages the senses and supports a connection between heart, mind, and spirit. Their visual and auditory presence has produced interactive soundscape environments for residential gardens, health resorts, city parks, memorials, universities, hospitals, retirement communities, and botanical gardens.

Soundscapes International Inc., specializes in transforming outdoor spaces into an intimate and relaxing setting that enables you to connect with the elements of nature through the inspired sound and form of contemporary sound sculptures. The innovative Wind Harp designs are the result of two decades of research into the resonant power of sound and how its presence supports the health and balance of the living environment.

Imagine listening to a musical instrument that weaves enchanting harmonious tones entirely created by the energy from the wind, and when you hear these sounds you are compelled to stop in your tracks, tune in and listen with an open heart. Soundscapes has successfully collaborated with landscape architects, city planners, structural and civil engineers and local Arts Councils to design functional and engaging sculptural and auditory experiences.


El Dorado Tornado Memorial, Kansas
To me, the harp gives the Memorial a specific sense of "place," beyond the obvious and typical physical presence. That moment of discovery for a new visitor, when they realize that the victims are "speaking," almost whispering their tone, is a great experience, even three years after completion. The harp is a jewel in our city.
David Stewart, PKHLS Architecture, El Dorado, KS

Plantation Botanical Park, Florida
I feel at peace when I hear the harp. When I first catch the sound, it beckons me to move toward it. To me, it evokes the sounds and images of angels. It has been thoroughly embraced by the city and the residents.
Patrice Sonnelitter L.A. City Of Plantation FL

Chula Vista Marina, Ron McElliott Memorial, Port of San Diego, California
The artwork is visually striking and audibly pleasing, and meditative. As a memorial, it is very life affirming. It's a uniquely identifiable icon for the area. The wind harp effectively and uniquely activates a space that otherwise would be an ordinary marina
Allan Tait, Public Art Manager, Port of San Diego, CA

St Henry's Church Memorial, Averill Park, New York
The harp invokes a sense of a sacred mystery--frequently the sounds are ones I've only "imagined" as opposed to "heard." It has been a wonderful experience to see people sitting by the harp and using it as a place of calm and meditation. What we have come to appreciate by having a wind harp in our living environment is how much we need to offer people a place of peace.
Father John, St. Henry's Church

La Posada Retirement Community, Arizona
The harp is a marvelous centerpiece to our labyrinth and columbarium in the Meditation Garden. With a gentle breeze, the tones from the harp enhance a restful feeling. On a calm day, it is a visual focal point of enjoyment. Our residents certainly enjoy it.
Mark Dugan, VP, La Posada Foundation

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