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Cabana Pools Aquatech

1722 Monarch Oaks

Houston TX 77055



Company Profile

Cabana Pools Aquatech is a fully insured, full service pool company. We offer new construction, renovations, repairs, and weekly cleaning services. President Tom Driscoll also offers expert witness and consulting services for those who need an expert in the pool industry.

"From Knowledge Comes Excellence" is what drives Cabana Pools Aquatech. Knowledge in the form of a highly-educated staff and properly informed customers is the distinctive, intangible feature that Cabana Pools Aquatech brings to each pool project.

Established by Tom Driscoll in 1976 in Houston, Texas, Cabana Pools Aquatech set out not to build pools, but to fulfill dreams. The goal from the start was to create, for each customer, the perfect oasis beneath the Texas sun.

The elegant and timeless designs, ranging from the tranquil to stunning to freeform and dynamic, are an enduring confirmation of Cabana Pools Aquatech's success.

Designs from Cabana Pools Aquatech are treated as a work of art. Balance, perspective, and visual depth are considered, as are primary and secondary focal points. How the overall composition satisfies the customer is the deciding factor for each successful design. The willingness to reach for perfection in every project has won Cabana Pools Aquatech an enviable position in the pool design and construction industry.

Design Awards

NSPI Region Design Awards
1988 - NSPI Region III
Silver Award
Award of Merit

2003 - Silver Award
Bronze Award
Silver Award- Geometric
Award of Merit - Geometric
Award of Merit - Natural

2004 - Silver Medal - Natural

2008 - Gold Medal
Silver Medal

NSPI International Design Awards
1995 - Award of Merit
1996 - Gold Merit
1998 - Award of Merit
2000 - Gold Medal
2002 - Silver Medal- Negative Edge Pool
Bronze Medal- Water Feature

NSPI (National Pool and Spa Institute)- Houston Chapter- Person of the Year
2003 - Region III NSPI Silver Medal
Region III NSPI Bronze Medal

2004 - Region III NSPI Silver Medal
Aquatech Corporation Design Awards

1997 - Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal

1998 - Gold Medal
Bronze Medal

1999 - Gold Medal

2001 - Gold Medal- Fountains
Gold Medal- Best of Class- Vanishing Edge

2002 - Award of Merit- Vanishing Edge

2004 - Design Award of Merit
Design Award- Bronze

2005 - Design Award- Gold
Design Award- Silver

2009 - Gold Medal
Gold Medal

2010 - Gold Medal
Silver Medal

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Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

Genesis 3 Design Group