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Company Profile

SwimEx makes top-of-the-line current-generating aquatic fitness products and water therapy spas, including lap pools, the portable Stream by SwimEx, and plunge tanks.

For over 25 years, SwimEx has offered a series of swim-in-place pools to give consumers a total body workout in one machine. Each swim spa uses a paddlewheel propulsion system to produce a smooth, laminar water flow that can be set to a wide range of speeds. This adjustable current makes SwimEx swim spas the ideal choice for families with swimmers of any skill level.

Luxury Meets Versatility

SwimEx models provide ample space for lap swimming, running in place, and water aerobics. They also provide bench seating for aquatic exercise and relaxation. For a soothing water massage, optional packages provide therapy jets behind the seating areas.

Runners or fitness walkers can take advantage of the standard running pad, or opt for an underwater treadmill. Not only does it save the expense (and space) required for land-based equipment, users get a more intense workout due to water's resistance.

SwimEx pools can also transform into deeper pools. By adding a deep water well, owners can perform deep water running and other non-weight-bearing activities. To return the swim spa to standard depth, the user simply replaces the deep well cover.

Additional Options

Owners can choose finishes in various colors to match surrounding styles as well as decorative waterline tiles and underwater lights. To decrease the amount of chlorine required, owners may opt for an ozonator, which operates along with the standard cartridge filtration system.

Durability and Installation

SwimEx prides itself on the durable fiberglass construction of its swim spas, which is strong enough to handle our water flow of up to 25,000 gallons of water per minute. Each unit's balsa wood core provides strength and stability as well as excellent insulation to keep heaters from working overtime.

SwimEx offers models in both one-piece and multi-piece models to provide trouble-free installation. One-piece models allow for quick installation when installing the swim spa outside or during new home construction. Multi-piece models make it easier to place the swim spa in tight or pre-existing spaces, such as patios, basements, and exercise rooms. So whether consumers are seeking a lap pool, aquatic workout space, a peaceful spa-or all of the above-SwimEx has a model to suit their needs.


SwimEx introduces its latest innovation: Stream by SwimEx--a powerful, portable current system that creates endless swimming in any pool. Just roll the Stream to the pool edge, push a button, and watch its striking technology take over. The rechargeable, battery-powered Stream deploys itself smoothly and swiftly for powerful current.

A swim current generator can maximize your pool's fitness factor. Stream sits at the edge of your pool and produces a smooth adjustable current that you can swim in place against for a low-impact, high calorie-burning workout. With a swim current generator you can enjoy endless swimming without the interruption of flip turns or risk of injury. They can be used in aboveground and inground pools of any shape, size, and depth and are especially great for small or oddly shaped pools that are not conducive for swimming laps.

Variable speed settings offer a range of current paces to suit swimmers of any age or fitness ability. You can also swim laps, jog, or walk in place while the rest of your family relaxes and enjoys the pool. When not in use, the Stream blends perfectly with poolside furniture and provides extra seating. No installation is required.

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