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Stainless steel cabinets continue to grow in popularity as homeowners demand and designers create robust Outdoor Living Spaces with functional kitchens. With Danver's maintenance-free finishes, there is no limit to the finishes you can achieve while retaining the durability of stainless.
Contractors and builders attest to the adaptability and ease of installation of our product.

Stainless steel cabinets manufactured with designers, architects, contractors, builders and dealers in mind.

The look of stainless is hot now; it's timeless as well

We were manufacturing stainless cabinetry long before it became a hot trend (although we are delighted with this turn of events!). Appliance manufacturers rushed to mirror the look in stainless steel refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and microwaves.

The clean impression and easy-to-clean surfaces are now immensely popular.

Stainless steel cabinets take the beauty and benefits beyond the front of the appliance to create a distinctive look in the entire kitchen or simply as accents. Some think stainless is essential for a "serious" kitchen.
Others think it is sleekly modern. Still others find stainless steel classic and timeless.

The advantages of stainless steel as a building material are well-established. It is long-lasting yet recyclable. It can be clear-coated for virtually maintenance-free care, and it is easy to keep in top condition.

Small wonder our stainless steel cabinets moved outdoors

We stand by our product with a warranty that it will remain beautiful and functional in spite of the most harsh weather or challenging cooks. It has become the cabinet material of choice for permanent outdoor kitchens, a key feature in the trend towards complete Outdoor Living Areas.

You have your choice of an extensive line of cabinetry engineered so that major brands of appliances fit seamlessly, from grills to under-counter refrigerators.

Since kitchens have become a modern entertainment area, hosts and hostesses appreciate that their outdoor guests can now gather at their outdoor “Heart of the Home.

The durability of the stainless steel

Stain or corrosion: As its name implies, stainless steel cabinets resist stains, but they must be cleaned periodically.

Permanent protection: Harsh chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid (used when cleaning pavers) and salt from the ocean (salt breaks down to chlorine when not removed) will mar the stainless if not cleaned regularly.
To protect the stainless in these environments with a virtually maintenance-free finish, you have the option of protect-a-coat, a clear coat that takes retains the look of stainless; realistic powder coat wood looks in 10 species; and designer powder coat colors.

Surface finish of the fronts of the stainless steel cabinets is what's called a #4 brushed finish with a vertical grain, both beautiful and tested to be resilient. Appliances use a #4 finish as well.

Doors, drawers and decorative finishes

Our cabinetry adapts to any decorating scheme. You have the option of several door and drawer styles, both solid and open for glass.

You can have the fronts painted in powder coat from an endless palette of colors.

You have the option of wood grain for the entire door surface or as inserts into "frame-only" door. It's extremely realistic.

The durability of the painted wood grain applied to the fronts of stainless steel cabinets is becoming increasingly popular for outdoor kitchens eliminating the need to maintain real wood.

Design and build made simple

Stainless steel cabinets in 3 increments allow for mixing and matching to your space requirements. For appliance requirements, you simply provide the name of the manufacturer and the dimensions of the device.

Stainless steel cabinets manufactured for long-lasting luxury Designers, builders and building contractors please call toll free 888-441-0537

We provide the industry's most extensive line of stainless steel cabinets and we ship worldwide.

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