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Water features create both visual and acoustic appeal in your pool. They can offer a welcoming feeling of the islands, an upscale urban sophistication, or a captivating aura of drama when lit up at night. Whether you choose just one or many water features for your pool design, today's builders can move water-and you-in astonishing ways.

We've compiled a list of water features to keep in mind when planning the wish list for your dream pool:

Waterfalls are a popular feature and usually become a poolscape's focal point. From rock waterfalls to elegant sheetfalls, grand multi-tiered creations or small-scale designs, there are many different types of waterfalls to bring your pool to life, day or night.

Sconces are decorative objects mounted on a wall from which a narrow stream of water flows. They can be as simple as a small rosette or as dramatic as a lion's head, and they are often included in Mediterranean-style pools.

Scuppers create a slightly different effect as water flows across a small ledge before falling down into the pool.

Waterwalls create a ripple effect as water trickles down the wall's surface, adding elegance and drama to any poolscape.

A rainfall curtain is a fabulous effect that's sure to command attention. It consists of a horizontal beam from which pencil-like streams of water rain down.

Fire effects are a great way to add drama to your poolscape. From firepots, firebowls, and firewalls to wall torches, lava rocks, and linear and rock inserts, fire features create a spectacular effect after dark.

Fountains work as musical accompaniments to your pool and double as eye-catching pieces of art when they aren't running.

Caves and grottos add mystery to your poolscape. They can be created from manmade materials or natural boulders, and are usually part of a waterfall.

Deck jets shoot narrow arcs of water from the edge of the deck into the pool. The streams contain air, meaning the water sprays slightly apart in droplets, creating the effect of water "dancing" across your pool.

Laminar jets, also called laminar fountains, are a type of deck jet that produces a quiet, steady arc of bubble-free water, creating the illusion of a glass tube. These create a striking look, especially when lit by LEDs.

Waterslides transform a backyard pool into an at-home resort. Custom-made of granite or fiberglass, open or closed flume, waterslides add an element of fun for all ages.

Beach entries offer a gradual entry into a pool. Made of manmade material or natural stone to mimic sand, this element is ideal for lagoon or tropical pools.

Tanning shelves offer an exquisite spot to cool off without fully submerging. They can be used in all types of applications, from contemporary to natural.

Built-in seats, tables, and swim-up bars can play a huge role in creating an extraordinary pool setting, especially when entertaining. These features can even be enhanced with glass tile or other material that matches the pool's finish.

No matter which combination of water features you select for your pool, they are sure to add excitement and visual appeal, making your backyard the ultimate at-home vacation spot.

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