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A week's vacation often goes by too fast, and you wish you could experience that beautiful, relaxing environment every day... Well, it might be time to bring paradise to your own backyard. An expertly designed pool paired with the right landscaping, hardscaping, and water features, can look just like-or even better than-the pool at your favorite tropical hotel resort.

Shape, Materials & Special Features

Tropical style pools are usually freeform in shape, allowing many unique design possibilities, while still maintaining the look of a natural lagoon. The pool's interior finish is typically a light color (often a shade of blue) so that the water will resemble the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, or other tropical waters. Instead of steps, these pools may have a beach entry, in which the pool's floor is on a gradual slant, making it easy for swimmers to wade in or simply lounge in the shallow end. Another common feature is a tanning ledge or Baja shelf; this feature resembles an extended first step in which the water is very shallow. It allows guests to recline while keeping themselves cool; it's also a great play area for children.

Stone, rocks, and boulders are the key materials to mirror the natural setting of a lagoon. To save on shipping costs, many homeowners choose rocks from a local quarry or opt for faux rock, which is cast from real stone surfaces and custom colored to provide the exact look you want. The pool's coping and decking are usually made of stone or rugged pavers, which may be accented by boulders placed around the pool. Rock waterfalls are practically a must-have for those who want a truly tropical backyard getaway. They add beauty, serenity, and delightful acoustics to your poolscape.

Vanishing edges (also known as infinity or negative edges) often work well with tropical pools that overlook a body of water or sweeping landscape. These pools are often called infinity pools because the water flows over one or more of the pool's walls (landing in a catch basin below), making it appear as if the water continues infinitely into the horizon

Grottos or caves add a bit of mystery to this tropical pools. They can be used as a secret entrance to a waterslide. You can also build up the land around the waterslide so that rocks and softscape elements can be added.


Having several planting areas near the edge of the pool provides a natural feel. Palm trees, of course, are ideal for a tropical oasis. If you live in a seasonal climate, there are several species of palms that can withstand freezing temperatures, as long as you care for them properly; or you may opt for artificial palms. Plants with oversized leaves. and trees and shrubs with bold, bright flowerswill add balance and color to your overall setting.


Because tropical pools can fit into almost any backyard, they are quite common, especially among families with children. Waterfalls, waterslides, caves, and even shooting water features all enhance this style.

Whether you seek a vacation at home, a beautiful place to relax or entertain, or an exciting spot where you can spend time with the kids, a tropical-themed pool has it all.

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