567 Water Features Photos

Bright plantings border this vinyl-liner inground pool which features arching deck jets

Rectangular pool with water features and separate spa

Photo courtesy of Aquatech; Baker Pools, Jenks, Oklahoma

Roman style pool with jets

Dolphin Waterslide with natural rocks and enclosed slide

Dolphin Waterslides/ Dolphin Pools, Louisiana

Desert pool with water spouts and pergola

Azul-Verde Design Group, Inc., Cave Creek, Ariz.

Freeform tropical pool with unique one can swim through an under waterfall grotto also featuring an elevated spa with waterfall steps

Photographed by Joyce Bowles for Backyard Aquatics by Joyce Bowles, Mt. Dora, Fla.

Impressive stacked-stone weir wall, part of a luxurious infinity pool

Dolphin Waterslides with pool, hidden grotto and waterfall

Dolphin Waterslides/Aqua FX by Island Land Care

Beach entry pool and tanning shelf

Photographed by ©Lure Photography for Fluid Dynamic Pool and Spa, Inc., Fullerton, Calif.

Roman shaped pool and spa with sheer-descent waterfalls, tiled walls, and planters