630 Swimming Pools Photos

Traditional swimming pool with lion-head fountains

Lewis Aquatech Pools, Chantilly, Va. Aquatech Society, a National Society of Pool-Building & Retailing Professionals Award

Earth-tone stonework adds architectural interest to this magnificent outdoor pool.

Napping by the completely clean pool

Stone decking surrounds this pool with raised spa, sitting alcove and water spouts

Dolphin Waterslide with pool and fiber-optic deck jets

Dolphin Waterslides/Copper Creek Pools

This backyard features a rectangular inground pool with tanning deck and white perimeter fencing

Photography courtesy of Outvision Photography

Natural backyard landscape with inground swimming pool and concrete deck with multiple seating and lounging areas

Backyard pool with waterslide and diving board with wooden privacy fence

Photography courtesy of Outvision Photography