143 Indoor Pools Photos

Spa water flows into this indoor pool

Indoor pool with jazz themed mural

Falcon Pools, Ltd., Addlestone, Surrey, U.K.

SwimEx indoor swim spa

Indoor pool with tiled medallion

Photographed by Ed Gibbs for Gib-San Pools, Toronto, Ont., Canada

SwimEx indoor swim spa

Spa by the indoor pool

Photographed by Stephen K. Wolfe Photography for Rugged Class Waterfalls & Pools, Yakima, Wash.

Indoor pool with spa

Alka Pool Construction, Ltd., Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Photography courtesy of Outvision Photography

Infinity pool with spa

Memphis Pool, Collierville, Tenn.

Indoor pool with Lautner knife-edge perimeter overflow and all-tile interior

Photo courtesy of Aquatic Consultants, Inc./Brian Van Bower