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You simply must have somewhere to keep your kitchen accouterments, even if your kitchen is on your patio or deck! With outdoor cooking moving far beyond throwing a steak on the barbeque, Kitchen Cabinets that endure weather shifts, such as temperature and precipitation, are easy to clean, offer excellent functionality and ample storage space are becoming an essential part of cooking outside. As "foodies" have grown in number so has the desire to be able to create gourmet meals outside, and having all the normal tools and ingredients at your fingertips, just as you have indoors, means Kitchen Cabinets that work for an outdoor living dream.

Stainless steel cabinets continue to grow in popularity as homeowners demand and designers create robust Outdoor Living Spaces with functional kitchens. With Danver's maintenance-free finishes, there is no limit to the finishes you can achieve while retaining the durability of stainless. Contractors and builders attest to the adaptability and ease of installation of our product. Stainless... more
Wallingford CT

4-B Wood Specialties, Inc.

5125 Greenwich Road

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6 Square Cabinets, LLC

5801 Clearwater Drive

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A&J Custom Cabinets, Inc.

2300-B East 1st Street

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AC Products Inc.

3551 Plano Parkway
, The Colony,TX

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Acacia Cabinetworks

20 Twinbridge Drive

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Adelphi Kitchens, Inc.

P.O. Box 10

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All Wood Cabinetry, LLC

210 Century Boulevard

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Alpine Cabinet Co.

P.O. Box 219

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AmberLeaf Cabinetry

3520 South Morgan

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