11 Garden Ornaments Manufacturers

Depending on the type of garden ornament you choose to decorate your lawn or flowerbeds, you can create an image of whatever speaks to your style. From statuary of mythical beings to whimsical creatures, and from obelisks to wind chimes, Garden Ornaments employ details and refinements to personalize your outdoor living space, and become the al fresco accessories that make your deck, patio, garden or yard truly, distinctly yours.

There is a certain telescope like no other. Those who encounter it often don't believe that it is a telescope. Were it not so optically profound, it would be called sculpture or a sundial. Some think it looks like a swan or a ginger leaf. But there is one point of universal accord. All find it beautiful. It is a reflecting telescope, that ingenious device invented by Sir Isaac Newton, all... more
Norwich VT
Campania International is the premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of fine garden and site furnishings throughout the United States, Canada, and Caribbean. By remaining committed to its core belief of excellence in design, quality, and customer service, Campania consistently continues to set trends and industry standards. Campania offers an extensive range of products, including... more
Pennsburg PA
Ross Barrable is the founder and principal acoustic sculptor behind Soundscapes International Inc. Over the past 33 years, he has refined this art form to create contemporary outdoor sound sculptures which integrates his experience as a master harp builder with his dedicated interest in sacred geometry and the transformational power of sound. The result is the evolution of contemporary sound... more
Pagosa Springs CO

Classic Garden Ornaments, Ltd.- Longshadow Planters

83 Longshadow Lane
(618) 893-4831

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights

521 Conti St.
New Orleans,LA

(504) 522-9485

CSCS/Stone Legends/Stone Magic

301 Pleasant Drive
(800) 398-1199

Cooper Lighting

1121 Highway 74 S.
Peachtree City,GA
(770) 486-5288

Gardener's Supply Co.

128 Intervale Road
(800) 876-5520


P.O. Box 1037
Coppell ,TX
(972) 393-3800


12211 Vulcan Way
(800) 209-0917